Le Rorschach aujourd’hui


Allons droit au but.

La conclusion de cet article scientifique faisait le point sur le Rorschach… déjà en 2000 :

We are not especially optimistic that future research will uncover important new relationships between the Rorschach and psychiatric disorders.

Research on this topic has been under way for nearly 80 years, yet the results mainly have been disappointing, as the present review indicates. Evidence of Rorschach diagnostic validity was very limited in the 1940s 1950s, and 1960s, and it is not much better now.

There seems little reason to expect that the next half-century will bring major breakthroughs. Clinical psychology probably should look elsewhere for new discoveries and better diagnostic techniques.

N’en  déplaise à de nombreux cliniciens, l’utilisation du Rorschach, dans un contexte d’évaluation diagnostique, doit être arrêtée au profit d’autres outils scientifiquement validés.


Wood, J. M., Lilienfeld, S. O., Garb, H. N., & Nezworski, M. T. (2000). The Rorschach test in clinical diagnosis: A critical review, with a backward look at Garfield(1947). Journal of Clinical Psychology, 56(3), 395-430.